Self Discovery

Doesn’t this pretty much sum it up? You can take the person out of the city, but it’s hard to take the city out of the person. We are used to activity and to anticipation of “something better” just around the corner.

Slowing down and stopping and quietly listening can lead to a new, direct experience of ourselves in the here and now.

Fox Creek Farm offers a unique set of features that can take us from normal — often burdensome — patterns of daily life to an entirely different setting. The expanse of rugged terrain, the sounds of the creek, the protected riparian zone, and the abundant wildlife – all invite a cessation of habitual thoughts and the acceptance of stillness and peace.

In such a setting, there is the opportunity to connect with a more all-encompassing center, a more gentle and joyful self. Fox Creek also offers the chance to be more deeply involved with preserving the quality of the natural environment.

Here is an extract from a letter we recently received:

“Let me say again how much our family enjoyed our visit. It was like a window of clarity in our sometimes too chaotic life. Visiting Fox creek has always been like that for me. I think my family now understands as well. Perhaps we all understand, but forget and need to be reminded. Lately, I find myself wondering why we don’t follow an example like yours and move to a place like Fox Creek. Perhaps, though, the chaos is in our perception of life and not in life itself. Anyway, thanks for your hospitality, and your example invites the involvement of interested interns and volunteers.”We welcome all those who seek a deeper connection and involvement with the most central and important aspects of our lives.


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