Fox Creek is a 930-acre, high-desert, riparian conservation land trust and sustainable agricultural demonstration project. We’re located on the west side of the Snake River, right on Oregon’s eastern border. Site of the historic post office at Home, Oregon, Fox Creek offers a unique model of high-desert riparian (creekside) restoration and agricultural management. A major goal is the reintroduction of a sustainable beaver population in the riparian zone.

A year-round creek runs the length of the property, originating on Big Lookout Mountain and entering Brownlee Reservoir on the Snake River. The bubbling, melodic creek, combined with the historical presence of beaver, has endowed the property with abundant life and beauty in the high-desert zone. Neighboring creeks have scant resemblance to the lush, green portions of Fox Creek where importance has been placed on conservation, and open-range cattle grazing and mining have been minimized or eliminated.

Fox Creek is owned by Seven Generations, a 501 c) 3) non-profit organization. The property was placed into a land trust in 1989 by Wilfrid D. (Bill) Davis, with funding from Kenneth R. Mahaffey, perceived by both parties to be exceptionally worthy of preservation. Strict conservation deed covenants and a Land Stewardship Plan guide its operation.

Through this project, Seven Generations provides a unique opportunity for commitment and service in applying the values of sustainable land management. Please tour this web site to learn of the goals, programs, and accomplishments of this demonstration project. And please join us in this most worthwhile endeavor.


Fox Creek Farm
34811 Snake River Rd.
Huntington, OR 97907
 On the Web: FoxCreek.7GLT.org