Bill Davis

Wilfred D. “Bill” Davis operated the Fox Creek property from 1976, until his death in 1991. His primary goal was riparian restoration and demonstration, and he deeded the property to the Seven Generations Land Trust in 1989, to protect the property in perpetuity.

He was deeply concerned by what he saw as destructive use patterns of the lands and waters of the Snake River Breaks on the Oregon side of the Snake River. He counted four “eco-catastrophies” which had affected this area: The beaver extermination between 1820-1830, overgrazing by livestock beginning in 1850, mechanized logging beginning in 1920, and the construction of the three hydro-electric dams by Idaho Power Company from 1959 to 1969, which eliminated the fish runs in the upper Snake River.

Bill says he was drawn by the vision of riparian zones he had “seen in Wyoming and Alaska, that were under the care of wild beavers. These places were always full of fish and wildlife enjoying the rich vegetation that the ponds and the consequent humidity supported.”

He began a series of experimental plantings in 1981, and by 1989 he could state, “I am now convinced that this canyon could be restored by beavers to become, in a few years, the natural paradise I’m sure it once was… I am nearly certain that with a small amount of preparatory work by man, any canyon with a perennial waterflow, no matter how barren and abused, can soon be turned over to beavers for full restoration.”


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