Brownlee Reservoir

This photo looks across the cove where Fox Creek enters Brownlee Reservoir on the Snake River. This general area is known as the Snake River Breaks. The reservoir is about 50 miles long and half a mile wide. The water level fluctuates, depending on power generation and flood control requirements. Recreational enthusiasts and local cities advocate to keep the reservoir as full as possible. To us, it’s a wonderful visual outlook, with many moods, textures, and colors.


Brownlee Reservoir and Idaho hills in the spring.


Brownlee Reservoir and Idaho hills from Snake River Road north of Fox Creek going toward Richland.


Snake River Road heading toward Morgan Creek.


Brownlee Reservoir on a December morning.


Brownlee Dam creates Brownlee Reservoir. It’s located at the site of a ferry which a Mr. Brownlee operated across the Snake River in the 1800’s. It’s owned by Idaho Power Company.


The Snake River below Hells Canyon Dam. This wild stretch of the river is about 40 miles north of Fox Creek in Hells Canyon Recreation Area.

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