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Caldwell Exchange Club ready for work!

Members of the Caldwell (Idaho) Exchange Club help with a
variety of maintenance projects. Thanks, guys!

Fox Creek Farm invites the involvement of interested interns and volunteers.

Volunteers have been essential to the preservation and enhancement of the Fox Creek watershed. A large variety of skills, abilities, and resources are called for and are most welcome.

The opportunity to for interns to trade their time and effort for a meaningful learning experience is virtually unlimited.

Additionally, Fox Creek is owned by a non-profit corporation. Donations of money and materials to Fox Creek are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Ron grades the road.

Ron grades the canyon road
to redirect some overflow from our house spring.


Larry and Vern donate firewood

Larry and Vern donate some most welcome firewood!


Fox Creek Farm
34811 Snake River Rd.
Huntington, OR 97907

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